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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

While ketamine was synthesized as a replacement for PCP to be used as an anesthetic, it is now widely being used to treat the following conditions:



-post traumatic stress disorder

-obsessive compulsive disorder 

-chronic pain


-eating disorders



It is very safe when used responsibly, 100% legal, fast-acting, and often highly effective. 

Ketamine assists in increasing neuroplasticity, working to repair damaged synapses — or connections – in the brain, which become diminished over time due to long-term stress and depression. 


This medicine shifts the brain into a more open and receptive state, allowing one to interrupt old, ruminative patterns, increase cognitive flexibility, and become open to new learning and growth. The non-ordinary state of consciousness it provides is often a place where people experience peace, calm, and can access more Self energy. 


Our next Group KAP cohort is starting in October 2023.  Please see this page for the full schedule and for more information about Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy experiences that I offer with Ted Riskin and Sarah Levine. 

In addition to the group work, I also individual KAP for healing and transformation. For more information about this type of support, please send me a message. I can help you determine whether this medicine is right for you and link you with a prescribing physician. Just as with any psychedelic, preparation before and integration after are key components. If you are going to be working with me for KAP, I require that your first few times using the medicine be observed and supported by me. 

Purple Blossom
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