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About Me & All Is Well-Being

All Is Well-Being was conceptualized many years ago after I completed a training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Ready to start my own practice using that modality and dance/movement therapy, life steered me toward the nonprofit realm instead. I quickly became absorbed into the world of helping pregnant and parenting women in recovery from substance use disorders.

After a fulfilling and at times grueling and exhausting 8 years, I felt ready to move back to my initial dream of starting my own practice. This time I had just completed a health coach certification through Health Coach Institute. Leaning on personal experience, I set out to assist health and wellness professionals who were suffering from burnout. Things were just picking up when I found out I was pregnant.

Pregnancy was a difficult time for me. Physically I felt pretty terrible, but what was worse were the mental health complications that came with it. I was severely depressed and having regular panic attacks. Long story short, I struggled through each day until my son was about 8 months old. I was stuck for a long time. With a lot of soul searching, healing, and help, I was able to reemerge from the bottom of the well with greater clarity and openness. I came back to my body. I worked with parts that were  blocking me that had been there since childhood through powerful IFS work and the integration of experiences had in non-ordinary states of consciousness. It was hard to see when I was at the bottom, but I believe I was there to learn and reemerge as transformed and whole. The motherhood journey can do that.

Now on the other side, of both burn out and the darkness that came with the perinatal period, it is clear to me that my purpose is to help others who are blocked, feeling stuck in their lives, and want to reconnect to their bodies, their true Selves, and their worlds more authentically and with ease and grace. When we can learn to listen to our parts that block us and work with them instead of against, we can begin to live this life to the fullest. I sincerely want that for each and every one of us.

Education and Certifications

Drexel University

Master's of Art in Dance/movement Therapy

Board Certified Dance/movement Therapist, 2010-present,


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certification


Health Coach Institute

Certified Health Coach 2019-present

Certified Life Coach 2022-present


Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist
2015-present, LCAS-2893

Postpartum Support International

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Certificate Course Training

Essential of Internal Family Systems Training

February-June 2022

Being True to You

Psychedelic Integration Coach Certification 2023


My Philosophy

I believe that:

  • we all have the right & responsibility to live our fullest lives

  • movement is the avenue to deep connection with our true Selves

  • a connection to our body and its innate wisdom is vital to unlocking our full potential

  • some stories can't be spoken and must be moved

  • we all have many parts that work hard to keep us safe; honoring those parts from a place grounded in Self energy is the most efficient way of helping them to relax when they have taken on jobs that aren't serving us anymore

  • every one of us is capable of finding our way home to our bodies and working with and through blocks that hold us back

  • we all have the ability to heal, to become whole, and to live from a place of joy, centered purpose, and love

  • entheogenic medicines & non-ordinary states of consciousness can provide deeply healing experiences (with the right support) and help us to access and reclaim parts of us that have been neglected, pushed down, or forgotten

  • we need each other and we often need help in the healing process

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