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Dance/movement Therapy

*Both in-person and virtual session being offered at this time.

Dance/movement therapy (D/MT) is a powerful, holistic healing modality that operates from the notion that mind and body are interconnected and inseparable; when we alter one, we alter the other.


Movement is a language. We use our bodies to speak. As a Board-Certified Dance/movement Therapist trained in movement observation, I use movement as an assessment tool and as a mode of intervention in the therapeutic process.

There are no movement prerequisites required to participate in D/MT. No previous dance experience whatsoever is necessary. As a dance therapist, I do not teach any form of dance or dance technique. Even if you are bound to a wheelchair or do not have the ability to move your limbs, you can engage in D/MT. If you are breathing, you are moving. We can facilitate powerful and lasting change by accessing the body and deepening its connection to the mind and spirit.


D/MT sessions vary in how much movement is involved. It is always up to you as the participant and there is never an expectation that you engage in something that doesn’t feel ok. Don’t want to leave your chair or your place on the floor? We will work from there.

D/MT sessions can be done in groups or individually. I am only offering individual sessions at this time, but am available to do group sessions if you have a group you are working with.

If you have tried talk therapy and have gotten as far as you can, if you are ready to use the power of the body to enact powerful and lasting change, or if you are just curious and want to know more about how dance/movement therapy can help you, contact me for a free 30-minute Clarity Call. 

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