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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art, combining traditional yogic practices with modern therapeutic dialogue techniques to further the connection and integration of mind and body. 

In these one-on-one sessions, I support you in yoga postures (props are also used) and guide you in a dialogue process that allows you to drop in to the present moment experience. I deeply listen and feedback what I hear and see, offering you a chance to further reflect on what is coming up for you in the moment as your body is in different postures, supported by another. You can relax into the postures as I encourage deeper exploration through this physical support and verbal prompts.

You come away from the session with deep insights and clear action steps for how to take what was learned into your daily life and enact lasting change.

These sessions never fail to deliver a powerful, insightful and transformational experience. In them, we find a place where we begin to know ourselves more deeply and see our life situations and place in this world in a different light.  


From the PRYT website:

"Our mission is to support people with moving in the direction of a life worth living – a purpose driven and meaningful life experience with less stress and anxiety and with fulfilling work and relationships."


If you are curious about this healing modality and would like to know more about how it can help you, schedule a free 30-minute Clarity Call!

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