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Rates for Offerings

Please see below for my current rates.

I am able to bill Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield ONLY if you have a history of or current substance use diagnosis.

In an effort to commit to economic justice, I do offer a sliding scale. Please be aware that I reserve only a limited amount of slots for Level 3 clients. Keep in mind that if you choose Level 3 but you can actually afford a higher Level, you are preventing someone from accessing services who may need the gift of financial flexibility. 

Please see The Green Bottle image below (developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk of to know where you fall on the sliding scale. The first bottle (full of green potion) is Level 1; Levels 2 and 3 are next.

If you have any questions about my rates and sliding scale, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can have an open conversation about finances (something we should do more often)!


Rates for Dance/movement Therapy Sessions:

Initial Session (1.5hrs):

Level 1: $175

Level 2: $125

Level 3: $75


Individual Sessions (1hr):

Level 1: $125

Level 2: $85

Level 3: $60

Rate for Holistic Wellness Coaching Package:

12 week package: $1500

Payment plans available.

*Please contact me to inquire about a sliding scale price point for this service.

Rates for Holistic Wellness Coaching Sessions (1hr):

*Please note that this modality is designed to deliver transformative results over a longer period of time than just one or two sessions. However, I do offer a la carte sessions as requested.

Level 1: $125

Level 2: $85

Level 3: $60

Rates for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions (1hr-1.5hrs):

Level 1: $125

Level 2: $85

Level 3: $60

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