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All Is Well-Being

Using the body to heal the soul.

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Meet Amy

Hello! I'm so happy to welcome you to this space. I believe we all have the ability to heal; to live from a place of joy, centered purpose, and love. But I also believe we cannot do this alone. I am extremely passionate about supporting others to achieve lifelong happiness, deeply felt peace, and contagious vitality using dance/movement therapy, parts work, and holistic wellness & recovery coaching methods. The body holds our story, and it is also the key to our healing. 


I have been a Board Certified Dance/movement Therapist since 2010 and have been helping people heal using this modality and others since 2004. 

I live on the traditional land of ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi (Eastern Band of Cherokee) just outside of Asheville, NC with my husband, son, dogs, cats, lots of chickens, and whatever wildlife roams up. Outside of All Is Well-Being, you can find me dancing, gardening (any yard work, really), spending time with friends eating something delicious, learning, traveling, and enjoying this beautiful world outside. It is a dream of mine to spend a good chunk of the winters in Hawai'i. It's good to have dreams :-)

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Holistic Wellness Coaching

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Dance/movement Therapy

*Check each offering page for how sessions are currently conducted.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

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What Clients Say

"This session helped me far more than I anticipated.  The things that came up for me were eye opening.  I knew I was carrying a lot, but the session helped me sort through them and prioritize them.  It was easy for me to go deep with Amy’s presence.  I felt safe and secure to do my work."  Sam

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