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Are You Unhealed?

We talk so much about healing.

“Healing is important.”

“Work on your healing.”

“Healing is worth it.”

But what does it mean to ‘unhealed’?

How do we KNOW we need to heal?

For some people, it is blatantly obvious: they are suffering, extremely unhappy, and deeply traumatized. And their symptoms are so uncomfortable, they are having a hard time existing in their skin.

Some of these symptoms may include: excessive and persistent night terrors, insomnia, constant panic attacks, severe depression, or isolation.

But what about symptoms we might not consider that may be nudging us in the direction of healing?

  • Poor boundaries

  • The allowance of toxic relationships in our lives

  • Underlying anxiety

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Ignoring our bodies

  • Burn out

  • Inability to get out of our head

  • Difficulty relaxing

  • Inability to handle strong emotions

These things are calling us to take a closer look. They are asking that we devote attention to why they are there and explore ways of changing so that they can dissipate.

Being unhealed simply means we are not whole. Which means we are lacking certain connections within ourselves that would bring us back to our inherent intuition, our innate knowing and sovereignty, and a deep felt sense of calm and joy.

Worth noting, however, is that being healed does not mean we live in a state of pure bliss all the time. And arguably, we are always healing so a magic destination of "healed" might not actually exist. But we CAN get to a place where we are more whole. Where we feel at home in our bodies. Where we are confident in our choices and our expression of ourselves in the world.

Every symptom is a voice. We can choose to listen or we can choose to ignore it and stay safe in our unhealed state.

The choice is only always up to you.

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