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Reclaiming the Power of the Body

It is a radical thing, these days, to be connected to your body. To be able to tune in, listen, and initiate from this deep place of knowing, feeling, and intuiting.

But, why? Why is this concept, which is ultimately our nature and was the nature of our ancestors, what helped us survive as a species, so far removed from the way we exist in the world these days?

I don’t have a history lesson for you. This is mainly just mental ramblings on a topic that is significant to me and vital to my understanding of how to help others reclaim the connection to their bodies. But what I do know is that a lot of people profit off of us not trusting ourselves, not tapping into our own power, and seeking outside solutions for every turbulent situation that occurs in our lives.

What if the revolution resides in us harnessing what we already have? It’s not even something to take back. It’s right here, within. The connection may be frayed, but I believe if you have a heartbeat, you have the ability to step back into the power residing at your core and discover a newly found trust in YOU.

I believe that if we were reconnected with the divine, intuitive wisdom of our bodies, we would not be so easily controlled. We would question more of the content we are exposed to. We wouldn’t need to buy our answers or every way out of every problem we encounter. And we sure as hell wouldn’t need to buy better bodies because we would recognize that the way our bodies look does not reflect our inner worlds, our worth and our capabilities in this life.

The first step in reclaiming the power of our bodies is to make small moves every day towards reconnecting to them, befriending them, loving them, and trusting their messages. Before we can even hear their messages, however, we need to be able to FEEL their messages. It is crucial that we begin with tuning in to physical sensations and cultivate sensory awareness; taking time each day to check in and just notice what is happening within.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with a body scan. I like to sit in a chair or lie down on the floor. Starting at my toes, I bring awareness to each part of my body until I have worked to the top of my skull. What’s important here is to notice what is happening with each area that you bring awareness to. Just notice. Be CURIOUS. No judgment. No trying to fix anything. It can take practice if you have been disconnected for a long time or if your disconnection is severe due to trauma. You can do this in 3 minutes or take your time with it.

To take it a step further, begin to explore WHY you may be feeling what you are feeling. It's ok if you aren't sure of this yet. It can take time to start connecting physical sensations with what is going on in our lives.

Try to practice daily. Bonus points if you can check in several times a day. Again, it can be brief!

Suspending judgment, being with what is, and bringing awareness to our physical forms is the beginning of the journey of reconnection and of reclaiming the power that lies within each one of us.

I'd love to hear about your experience along your journey!

In loving hope for your transformational healing,


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