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What is Dance/movement Therapy?

Did you know that dance/movement therapy (D/MT) has been around since the 1940’s?!?!

It was at that time that people (many dancers) started to say, “Hey, dance and movement are super beneficial as a form of psychotherapy.” And they developed this field and modality based on the notions that changes in the body affect/reflect changes in the mind and vice versa and that mind/body/spirit are interconnected.

So, what does a dance/movement therapist do?

A dance/movement therapist uses the body, movement and dance to:

☀️help people express things that there might not be words for

☀️explore the subconscious realm

☀️assist people in learning new things about themselves and how they are in the world

☀️explore new pathways of empowerment

☀️increase body awareness

☀️increase flexibility (not necessarily physical) in how one moves through and relates to others and the world

☀️helps one to move their story instead of just speak it, offering a deeper understanding of experiences

…just to name a few 🙂

In a D/MT session you might move a whole lot or just a little. You are never asked to do anything that doesn't feel ok, though you may be encouraged to stretch (figuratively...maybe literally too!) and work with your edge. You know--that place where to go any further would be too much but any less is not quite enough to gain a deeper experience.

Movement is a language. We use our bodies to speak. As a Board-Certified Dance/movement Therapist trained in movement observation, I use movement as an assessment tool and as a mode of intervention in the therapeutic process.

There are no movement prerequisites required to participate in D/MT. No previous dance experience whatsoever is necessary. As a dance/movement therapist I do not teach any form of dance or dance technique. Even if you are bound to a wheelchair or do not have the ability to move your limbs, you can engage in D/MT. If you are breathing, you are moving. We can facilitate powerful and lasting change by accessing the body and deepening its connection to the mind and spirit.

Have questions about D/MT? Send me a message!


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